Episode 60: POI-Õ On Location!! (w/ Mariah Kelli, Luis Garcia, and Chef Carlos Mortera)

January 15, 2019

Dave re-ignites his passion for chicken and chicken tacos this week as we hit POI-Õ, one of the newest Chicken spots in town! With special guests Actress/Model MARIAH KELLI, Actor/Artist LUIS GARCIA (SPYN STUDIO, HECHO KC) and POI-Õ & THE BITE'S Chef CARLOS MORTERA, the gang reveals their personal taco back stories and get hands on with some tasty make-your-own tacos!

It's KC Restaurant Week and we reveal all the places you can get tacos on the KCRW List! We also run down a list of all the best Chicken places in town! Carlos reveals his GO CHICKEN GO Chicken Strip Taco recipe and Mariah asks the question "CHURCH'S or POPEYE'S?" In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout the ENDLESS TACOS promotion at ON THE BORDER and we chat about the re-opening of a Famous Alabama Taco Bell. In OWN OF THE TACO we discuss where to find the BEST ITALIAN FOOD in KC and ask our guests: "KC needs to step up it's (FILL IN THE BLANK) Game!" In BAD REVIEWS IN FUNNY VOICES we read some Bad Reviews of Local KC Kentucky Fried Chicken locations!

OTHER TACO TOPICS COVERED: Walking Tacos! Is a Crepe a Taco?! TACOS ON THE RIVER! MAYO ON A TACO?! And who has the best Ice Cream Tacos in town? We're eating tasty chicken taco treats on the Westside this week on T3!


Episode 59: Chappell’s Restaurant and Sports Museum ON LOCATION! (w/ Ari Tinnen, Kurtis Seaboldt, and Chris Garibaldi)

January 9, 2019

In our first show of 2019, T3 is taste testing the tasty tacos at the newly renovated CHAPPELL'S Restaurant and Sports Museum in North Kansas City with guest taco reviewers Actress/Voice Over Artist ARI TINNEN, Voice Over Artist, Radio Host & Sports Encyclopedia KURTIS SEABOLDT (Sports Radio 810 WHB) and T3 Executive Producer and Lotuspool Records CEO CHRIS GARIBALDI! CHAPPELL'S General Manager Brett Wagoner swings by as well!

We do a little Chiefs vs. Colts Playoff Preview and relive our favorite Chiefs Memories and Chiefs Playoff Nightmares from the past! (Coach Andy Reid even stops by!) Ari reveals the best place in LA to get a taco as you get your car washed, tells us about the time she almost joined the circus and we get into her fear of puppets!  We also introduce our new segment, The Taco The Town Sports Corner (Where we discuss the Amazing 1983 Huey Lewis & The News Album 'SPORTS!') In the Taco Ticker we taco 'bout Chipotle's Rose Bowl Float! (Would you lick it?) And we discuss the recent incident at a Taco Bell in Oklahoma where a man fired a gun at a drive thru window when he didn't receive enough taco sauce!

OTHER TACO TOPICS DISCUSSED: Gold-flaking and Glitter Tacos! Making Your Own Sour Cream! Ketchup on Tacos (Don't Do it!) We scientifically break down HOW FAR COULD PATRICK MAHOMES THROW A TACO & HOW FAR COULD PATRICK MAHOMES THROW A FISH? We also touch upon The BOZO THE CLOWN SHOW and Gravy Flavored Candy Canes! In TOWN OF THE TACO we touch upon our FAVORITE STREETS IN KC and THINGS THAT BUG YOU ABOUT KC! In 2019, We want FULL TACO DISCLOSURE! Make your New Years Resolution to listen to more TACO THE TOWN!" 


Episode 58: Oscar’s Authentic Mexican Grill ON LOCATION! (w/ Kate Haugan, Steve and Mike Weatherford)

December 20, 2018

It's our last episode of 2018 and we're closing out the YEAR OF THE TACO by taste testing some tasty tacos at OSCAR'S AUTHENTIC MEXICAN GRILL in OooOOOoooOOlathe with some T3 All Stars KATE HAUGAN and The WEATHERFORD BROTHERS (STEVE and MIKE!)

We celebrate Kate joining the 5 Timers Club! We also review the top happenings and news stories from 2018 THE YEAR OF THE TACO! We calculate HOW MANY TACOS DID DAVE EAT THIS YEAR? In the Taco Ticker, we read the story of a State Trooper being refused Taco Bell Service! And we go over a list of new Taco places opening in KC this month!

Other Taco Topics covered: What does 2019 hold for Tacos? (Taco Gender Reveals?) Dave and Steve and Mike reminisce about their days playing in The Markers (Stanley, Kansas' premiere Comedy rock band) and the gang also gathers around the tacos and recounts WEIRD and WACKY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEARS EVE STORIES FROM THE PAST and reads some BAD REVIEWS of Kansas City Holiday Events/Locations! ALSO: WE HAVE OUR FIRST KC JINGLE OFF! With Taco Bell's Diablo Chips up for grabs (which we give a mini-review of!) Be sure to listen all the way to the end as we close the year with a tender KC Christmas Tune!

TACO THE TOWN would like to thank our listeners and guests for making 2018 THE YEAR OF THE TACO a Taco-rrific year!!


Episode 57: TIKICAT HOLIDAY COCKTAIL PARTY! ON LOCATION! (w/ Katie Crawford, Brady Goodman and Chris Garibaldi)

December 13, 2018

It's our Festive Holiday Cocktail Party Episode and like all Holiday Cocktail Parties...this one quickly goes off the rails! We review the tasty cocktails from one of our favorite spots in KC, TIKICAT, with special Taco The Town ALL STARS, Singer/Writer KATIE CRAWFORD and 99.7 The Point Radio Personality BRADY GOODMAN!

Also along for the party is Executive Producer CHRIS GARIBALDI (who tells us tales from his Dark Childhood!) We get to the bottom of Tiki Culture (World War II Fighter Pilot Swingers) and we run down a list of what people in the 1960's thought made a good cocktail party! Brady updates us on his quest to dunk a basketball and we sing some of our favorite Christmas songs (some sung very well, some sung very poorly!) We ask Katie what a Juicy Lucy is, we discuss Taco Coin Crypto Currency as well as what Christmas character we identify with the most! Other topics discussed: Turtlenecks! Smoking Cigs! Crying during movies! And we talk a lotta WW2 like any good taco podcast is like to do! ALSO: We run down our Big List of Kansas City Christmas Must Do's!



Episode 56: Karbon at The Parlor Food Hall! ON LOCATION! (w/ Noelle Manica, Josh Montes and Rachel Rinas)

December 5, 2018

According to various news periodicals, food halls are taking over the USA and we've got our very own right here in KC...AND THEY'VE GOT TACOS!

This week we review the tasty tacos from KARBON located inside THE PARLOR in The Crossroads with KC Supermodel/Actress/Modeling Coach NOELLE MANICA (themodelboard.com) and KC Interior Designer/Fashion and Food Influencer JOSUE "JOSH" MONTES (Instagram: @1dapperlatino)!

Dave and the gang are also joined by KARBON'S Head Chef and Creator RACHEL RINAS and she breaks down all the delicious taco flavors that are available at this Parlor Taco Spot! Other Taco Topics Discussed: Food Halls vs. Food Courts! TEXAS TACOS vs. KC TACOS! Noelle and Josh break down the Coolest Events they attended in KC this year and what every KC citizen should check out next year! In the Taco Ticker we taco 'bout Taco Bell's new MIDNIGHT MELT TACO! And TACO BELL CANADA is selling Crunch Wrap Sumpreme Wrapping Paper JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! All this and Dave declares: "I AM THE TACO JESUS!"


Episode 55: THE LUCKY TACO at The Argosy Casino! ON LOCATION! (w/ April Roberson, Theo Bunch, Calvin Arsenia, and Chris Garibaldi)

November 27, 2018

Things are Rockin' in Riverside, the Atlantic City of Kansas City! #ACofKC We're slinging dice and crushing tacos on this week's edition of T3! We're coming to you ON LOCATION from The ARGOSY CASINO and their taco-rrific Taco joint THE LUCKY TACO! We review their tasty tacos, margaritas, Salsa Bar and other delicious Mexican dishes!

Joining us this week are Executive Producer CHRIS GARIBALDI and our special guests APRIL ROBERSON (Riverside Chamber of Commerce), THEO BUNCH (The Healthy Living Department, Cornerstones of Care) and Musician/Artist CALVIN ARSENIA! Theo and Calvin talk about their upcoming SAVOR THE SOUND Event! Dave reveals his hidden dream of living in a casino and eating room service tacos! We taco bout our best Gambling and Casino stories! Chris reveals he and Dave's new band PARTY TRAIN and THE SECRETS TO HAVING A GREAT PARTY!  In the TACO TICKER we talk about: TACO BUENO GOING BANKRUPT! And April reveals her love for taco Bueno and their Party Tacos! And a '70's Reunion Concert featuring a V.I.P. Taco Bar!

In TOWN OF THE TACO we discuss: The Best Sandwich Spot in KC! KC BBQ! And what is the most underrated or hidden attraction in KC? And we ask the question: "ARE PEOPLE WHO DON'T LOVE TACOS PRESSURED INTO EATING TACOS ON TACO TUESDAY?! DO THEY HAVE TACO TUESDAY ANXIETY? And: SHOWER TACOS?! Are those a thing?"

Put on your lucky Taco Pants 'cuz we're a Gamblin' and a Ramblin' on this week's T3!" 


Episode 54: Drunken Worm! ON LOCATION! (w/ Davis DeRock, Chad Crenshaw, and Shawna Downing)

November 20, 2018

In our SPECIAL THANKSGIVING EPISODE, Dave continues his taco trek down West 39th Street and he taste tests the tasty tacos from DRUNKEN WORM w/ special guests KC Actors and Filmmakers DAVIS DEROCK and CHAD CRENSHAW (from C2D2 Films), and Actress/Artist SHAWNA DOWNING!

We sample the specialty THANKSGIVING TACO (Available all November Long at Drunken Worm) as well as the eclectic mix of other tacos (and Worm Dip) available on Drunken Worm's Menu! Find out what holiday Dave and the gang think it really tastes like! ALSO DON'T MISS THE FIRST EVER TACO THE TOWN THANKSGIVING SKIT with amazing acting performances from our guests re-enacting the FIRST THANKSGIVING! Sure to be an Annual T3 Tradition!

Other Taco Topics discussed: TACO BELL PARTY ROOMS, LITTLE CAESER'S PIZZA closing all over KC, IRISH TACOS! POT ROAST TACOS! An American Royal Taco Showdown? and Choosing the Proper Name For Your Taco. Davis reveals his childhood struggles of never learning the proper way to hold a taco! We also touch upon TACO TICO, favorite stops on West 39th Street, Thanksgiving Plans/Yams, and who has the best MAC N' CHEESE in KC?!

Last but not least: BAD REVIEWS IN FUNNY VOICES with some amazing, funny Voices! Like the delicious infused tequila drinks from Drunken Worm we hope your THANKSGIVING IS SWEET AND FULL O' FLAVOR AND GETS YA TIPSY! HAPPY TACOSGIVING FROM TACO THE TOWN!


Episode 53: TIKI TACO! ON LOCATION! (w/ Molly Balloons, Brighton Gray and Jadrian Salmans)

November 13, 2018

MOLLY BALLOONS and friends BRIGHTON GRAY and JADRIAN SALMONS join us this week as we hit up one of the best late night Taco joints in the town...TIKI TACO on West 39th Street! Molly tells us her Balloon origin story, recounts the ups and downs of the Balloon Industry (mostly Ups!) and previews what we can expect at her BALLOON FASHION SHOW THIS FRIDAY Nov. 16th at The Abbott! Jadrian tells us about the time he ordered $93 worth of tacos from TIKI TACO and Brighton tells us about the time she had to walk through The Nelson's Haunted Egyptian Exhibit in the dark... at NIGHT!

In TOWN OF THE TACO the crew talk about THE BEST PLACE TO GRAB A QUICK BITE IN KC & THINGS YOU SEE IN KC YOU DON'T SEE ANYWHERE ELSE! Taco Topics Discussed: TACO SHAPED CARS! FREE TACOS AT THE LIBRARY! FLOATING TACOS ABOVE THE BARTLE HALL SCULPTURES! TACO THEME PARKS! JET PACKS & TACOS! A Bus Driver Yells at Taco Bell Employees for Playing With Her Food: A Scene Re-enacted by our guests! Taco Bell's World Series Steal A Base Steal a Taco Promotion! CITY UNION MISSION TACOS! Dave reveals his part time gig as a Payton Manning Impersonator! And we taco 'bout the LEGEND of DB COOPER!

ALL THIS AND DAVE SMELLS MOLLY'S PERM, TOO! Just Gettin' Weird kickin' it on West 39th Street with MOLLY BALLOONS and FRIENDS this week on T3! Tickets to the MOLLY BALLOONS FASHION SHOW this Friday are available at molly-balloons.ticketleap.com/theballoonfashionshow!


Episode 52: Arrowhead Stadium Tacos! ON LOCATION! (w/ Madison Johnson, Ron Woods and Chris Garibaldi)

November 7, 2018

It's Football Season and what better place to talk tackles and tortillas, sacks and salsa, Quarterbacks and Queso than ARROWHEAD STADIUM!! This week's episode emanates from the Home of The Kansas City Chiefs...ARROWHEAD STADIUM! Dave along with Executive Producer CHRIS GARIBALDI and their special guests actress/model and roving taco reporter, MADISON JOHNSON and KC Chiefs/KC Food Fanatic RON WOODS come to play and taste test some tasty tacos and Quesadillas from the EAT DRINK TACO Stand in Section103!

The gang reminisces about their favorite KC Chiefs memories and heartbreaks as well as their favorite all-time Chiefs Player! Chris G. reveals his secret identity, TITANS TIM (Kansas City's biggest Oilers/Titans fan)!

Other Profound Pondering Includes: How Far Could Patrick Mahomes throw a taco? How would you fix the NFL? (Hint: MORE ROBOTS!) The crew gives their Chiefs' season predictions! Madison breaks down the Wichita Taco Scene! And what is the Best PATRICK MAHOMES NICKNAME?!

TACO TICKER Stories This WEEK: A TEXAS UBER DRIVER IS ATTACKED WITH TACOS! ARE UBER EATS DRIVERS SNEAKING A LITTLE SNACK? CHIPOTLE'S NEW REWARDS PROGRAM! And in TOWN OF THE TACO We Ask: "What's the Best place in KC to Bring Out-Of-Town Guests?" and "What is the WORST DAY You've Ever Experienced in KC?" And we get to the bottom of Chris' bitter sweet relationship with Cab Drivers! Like a spicy Taki Taco, this episode kicks ya right in the flavor nozzle and keeps on truckin'! Thanks to Arrowhead Eats, Mat and the whole Aramark Crew for having TACO THE TOWN out for an Amazing day! GO CHIEFS!


Episode 51: HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR! Dos Reales-Shawnee! ON LOCATION! (w/ Denise Seah, Kathy Marquez, Chris and Lindsy Dorsey, and The Employees of Dos Reales)

October 30, 2018

On a rainy October night, Taco The Town invited two Paranormal Investigators and Psychic Mediums DENISE SEAH and KATHY MARQUEZ (Mystic Moms Paranormal) to investigate the strange happenings at DOS REALES in Shawnee, Kansas.

For years the owner and employees of Dos Reales-Shawnee say that after dark this taco-rrific Mexican Restaurant with some of the best tacos in the town becomes an epi-center for the unexplained and just down right spooky!

Taco The Town has taken it upon themselves to get to the bottom of this Haunted Taco Joint. What arcane secrets lurk inside the walls and the fountain at Dos Reales-Shawnee? Will Dave's dream of witnessing a floating taco come to fruition or will those dreams be replaced by dark taco nightmares?! It's our HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR! LISTEN IF YOU DARE!