Taco the Town

Episode 39: Ixtapa (w/ Stella Garibaldi and Nathan Jurries)

July 31, 2018

T3 is coming to you from the Northland once again as we review one of their crown Taco Jewels...IXTAPA FINE MEXICAN CUISINE! Famous for it's authentic Mexican menu and it's breathtaking Guacamole Dip! Dave is joined by Parkville residents; Actress and Improv performer STELLA GARIBALDI and Actor/Musician/Enchilada Lover NATHAN JURRIES!

The gang discuss acting in the PBS short film 'CHARLIE 13' as well as encountering demons in dorm rooms! Other taco topics discussed: The End of Mike Moose-Tacos in KC! KATY PERRY IN A SCOTLAND TACO BELL! THE PROPER WAY TO HOLD A TACO! ENCHILADAS! Another edition of GUAC TALK! Favorite KC Day Trips! And how KC needs to step up it's (fill in the blank) Game! PLUS: Our guest's try to crack the case of Dave's BAD TACO EXPERIENCE THAT MUST GO UNMENTIONED!! We also discuss the upcoming TACO TOPIA (KANSAS TACO FESTIVAL) coming to Kansas on Aug. 11th!