Episode 47: Children’s Mercy Park Tacos ON LOCATION! (w/ Andrea Garcia, Trevor Martin, and Chris Garibaldi)

October 2, 2018

This week we're ON LOCATION at Children's Mercy Park, the Home stadium of SPORTING KC and we put their tasty tacos (& Brat Mac n' Cheese) to the test! Our special guests this episode are Sporting KC and Soccer Fanatic ANDREA GARCIA & Actor/Filmmaker TREVOR MARTIN (TheComedyMinute.com)! We're also joined by Executive Producer CHRIS GARIBALDI! In this episode DAVE relives some bad childhood soccer memories and with the help of his guests he tries to put them behind him and to accept Soccer into his heart once again! Dave also shares his tips on how to improve(?) the game of Soccer and Andrea gives some tips on what makes soccer the most popular sport on the planet!

Other Taco Topics Covered: Andrea's Adventures in Soccer Ballpark Nachos & Online Dating! New KC Restaurant Recommendations! Trevor's Go-To Secret Menu Item at Taco Bell! Dave gives his plans for NATIONAL TACO DAY (Oct. 4th!) & also shares some new Chant ideas for The Cauldron! ALSO: Trevor tells us about when he shot a TV commercial with Graham Zusi! Tornadoes Stories! Tony Meola! Our Favorite Soccer Themed Movies! Sexual Innuendo Dance Hits of the early 2000's! And we give a lot of Shout Outs! With dance music pumping in the background we enter RockTacoTober with a bang!! DAVIN, YOU'RE NOT INVITED!" 


Episode 46: TACO ZONE! ON LOCATION! (w/ Heidi Lynne Gluck)

September 27, 2018

We're ON LOCATION again this week coming to you LIVE from one of our favorite taco spots, TACO ZONE in Lawrence, Kansas! Singer-Songwriter-Musician HEIDI LYNNE GLUCK stops by to talk to Dave about music, growing up in Manitoba, Canada, and her upcoming variety show concert at MYERS HOTEL BAR in Tonganoxie on Saturday Sept. 29th. We also discusss her upcoming appearance on THE MYSTERY HOUR (Check your Local Listings!).


Quick! Eat those tacos before a Polar Bear gobbles them up! Heidi's Latest Record "Pony Show" is available now from Lotuspool Records!" 


Episode 45: Zocalo! ON LOCATION! (w/ HAM KITTY!)

September 21, 2018

T3 hits the Country Club Plaza to review the tasty tacos and margaritas from ZOCALO with special guests, the Kansas City improv comedy quintet, HAM KITTY (Trish Berrong, Kate Haugan, Ashley Osborn, and Jen Roser)!

Taco Topics and KC Topics Discussed: Favorite Country Club Plaza Memories! Improv Comedy Mishaps! Things We Love/Hate about KC! KC NEEDS A BREAKFAST TACO PLACE!! And much much more! We check the TACO TICKER, play TOWN OF THE TACO and we taco lot about GUACAMOLE. We also taco 'bout a little ole place called the RUSTY TACO! And we read some BAD REVIEWS in a FUNNY VOICE!

Taco The Town: Bringing a Little Class to this ole former swampy marsh now called The Plaza!"     


Episode 44: Q39 (w/ Toni Alexander and Derek Byrne from Visit KC)

September 12, 2018

It's BBQ Week in KC!! (When isn't it BBQ Week in KC?) So this week in honor of the World Series of BBQ Cook Off at the American Royal BBQ we are reviewing the BBQ Pork TACQOS from Q39 with Visit KC's TONI ALEXANDER & DEREK BYRNE! On Location at the Visit KC Offices, in this edition we talk a whole lotta KC! They give us their expert opinions on the Top Things to See, Do and Eat Here in KC!

We talk Food (KC BBQ, KC PIZZA, KC Sandwiches, KC Coffee Shops, KC Burgers) and tries to sell his guest's on his KC Taco Initiative! Will Visit KC help him make Tacos the Official Food of Kansas City?

Other Taco Topics discussed: Downtown Tacos! Late Night $2 Tacos at Chipotle, Toni's Homemade Pizza Tacos, Lifetime Supplies of Queso, KC Taco Tours, Q: "Is a Taco a Sandwich?" Hear Toni and Derek go for a Perfect Score in the Taco Topics Speed Round! Dave and his guests even touch upon KCK, the Shake Shack Opening (NO TACOS?!), and Bird Scooters vs. Floating Segways! The Future of KC is a stake! This week it's KC BBQ Meets KC TACOS! Two KC Culinary Monsters at last become ONE!!! 


Episode 43: Taco Republic ON LOCATION! (w/ Katie Crawford and Jason Tracy)

September 5, 2018

Lots o' Taco Topics are cussed and discussed this week on T3 as we're ON LOCATION at TACO REPUBLIC! Dave is joined by Copywriter/Grammy Winning Singer and Taco The Town SuperFan KATIE CRAWFORD and Photographer/Taco Fanatic JASON TRACY! Together the three tackle plates of tasty tacos and discuss some of the most important Taco Questions of our times, such as: MUSTARD ON TACOS: YAY OR NAY?, TACO DATING, ENDANGERED TARANTULA TACOS, IS DALLAS THE BEST TACO CITY IN TEXAS?, and MINNESOTA LUTEFISK TACOS!

Also this week we touch upon Cruising the 'Fe in MiniVans; What Does KC Get a Bad Rap About?; Blockbuster Video; Favorite KC Radio or TV Jingle; Kansas vs. Missouri; Chili Cheese Burritos; and Secret Menus.

We also do our first SIDE O' BEANS REVIEW!!! Plus: Dave puts his guests through THE TACO GAUNTLET! Hop in your MiniVan and get down to Taco Republic! Located at one of the Best Food Intersections in the Town of the Taco!


Episode 42: Dos Reales ON LOCATION! (w/ Chris and Lindsy Dorsey and Alvaro Quezada)

August 28, 2018

This week on T3, Dave and his guests, CHRIS and LINDSY DORSEY belly up to the bar at DOS REALES AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT and devour plates and plates of tasty tacos; and buckets of their famous Margaritas (or as Lindsy calls them, her 'Happy Juice'!).

Dave is also joined by owner and operator of Dos Reales, ALVARO QUEZADA and they break down a plethora of Taco Topics, such as: TACO ORIGINS, TASTY TORTILLAS, HAUNTED MEXICAN RESTAURANTS and we unlock the SECRETS OF THE ULTIMATE LENEXA PARTY BASEMENT!

Also covered in this episode: A 101-Year-Old Woman who Eats a lotta Taco Bell, Behind-The-Scenes Stories from the set of Dave's film 'JACUZZI NIGHTZ', McCormick Taco Seasoning, Hot Tub Time Machine Karaoke Parties, and Chris tells us about working for AMC and seeing Mickey Rourke's Face Up close in person! No Fake Taco News here...just 100% Authentic Taco Realness.


Episode 41: CACAO (w/ Ashley White and Sabrina Osborn)

August 21, 2018

This episode of T3 is filled to the brim with taco-y, fashion-y, robot-y goodness! We're joined by ASHLEY WHITE and SABRINA OSBORN, Fashion & Lifestyle Experts from Le Stylo Rouge (www.lestylorouge.com)! They help Dave clean out his closet (What's In and What's Out in Men's Taco Fashion!) and also help him figure out the best wardrobe to wear while eating copious amounts of Tacos!

Our taco review this week is CACAO, at their new Watts Mill location! Authentic and delicious! This episode also features another edition of MICHAEL TAKES ON TACO BELL as friend of the show, actor MICHAEL McMILLIAN (TV's Crazy Ex-Gilfriend, True Blood) tries menu items from his local Hollywood Taco Bell! This week Michael tries Nacho Fries and a Crunch Wrap Supreme!

ALSO IN THIS WEEK'S EDITION: Dave gives a eulogy to his favorite pair of old Cargo Shorts! There won't be a dry eye in the house! We also talk Taco Bell Robot Kiosks, The Keto Diet, The Great CHIPOTLE vs. QDOBA Guacamole Stand Off of 2018, Drake in KC, Those wacky Bird Scooters & KURTIS SEABOLDT, the Man of Many Voices gives us an epic BAD REVIEW IN A FUNNY VOICE! Pull up a chair! There are a lot of tacos to eat and lot of clothes and topics to unpack (and pack) in this edition of TACO THE TOWN!


Episode 40: Taco Topia! ON LOCATION! (w/ Mark Henning and Chris Garibaldi)

August 15, 2018

It's a dream come true as Dave and Executive Producer Chris Garibaldi make the trek to Topeka to visit the Taco Wonderland that is TACO TOPIA 2018! They are joined by Rock Musician and Taco Lover, MARK HENNING (Zoom, The National Trust, Voice Of Action) as well as the Tater Twins and their GIGANTIC POTATO from the Idaho Potato Company!

Join Dave and the gang as they discuss Over-Sized Potatoes, Taco Inflation, Lawrence and Topeka Rock n' Roll, TOPCITY TACO TALES from Dave's Past, SPUDDY BUDDY, Evel Knievel, Hal Needham, Chicago and Idaho Tacos, and Chihuahua Beauty Pageants! We also read some BAD REVIEWS of Topeka Landmarks as well as answer the question, "What's a Frumpet?"

WELCOME TO TACO TOPIA!! Where the Tacos are flowing and the Potatoes are LARGE!!


Episode 39: Ixtapa (w/ Stella Garibaldi and Nathan Jurries)

July 31, 2018

T3 is coming to you from the Northland once again as we review one of their crown Taco Jewels...IXTAPA FINE MEXICAN CUISINE! Famous for it's authentic Mexican menu and it's breathtaking Guacamole Dip! Dave is joined by Parkville residents; Actress and Improv performer STELLA GARIBALDI and Actor/Musician/Enchilada Lover NATHAN JURRIES!

The gang discuss acting in the PBS short film 'CHARLIE 13' as well as encountering demons in dorm rooms! Other taco topics discussed: The End of Mike Moose-Tacos in KC! KATY PERRY IN A SCOTLAND TACO BELL! THE PROPER WAY TO HOLD A TACO! ENCHILADAS! Another edition of GUAC TALK! Favorite KC Day Trips! And how KC needs to step up it's (fill in the blank) Game! PLUS: Our guest's try to crack the case of Dave's BAD TACO EXPERIENCE THAT MUST GO UNMENTIONED!! We also discuss the upcoming TACO TOPIA (KANSAS TACO FESTIVAL) coming to Kansas on Aug. 11th!


Episode 38: Colony KC & Beerded Man’s Kitchen ON LOCATION! (w/ Adam Roberts, Brent Miller, Rodney Beagle, Jason Fritz, and Chris Garibaldi)

July 24, 2018

TACOS & BEERS! BEERS & TACOS! This week T3 is coming to you straight outta North Kansas City which is booming right now! We're taste testing tasty tacos from BEERDED MAN'S KITCHEN and sipping on some CINCO WHEAT, a Guacamole inspired beer from the brewmaster at COLONY KC!

Joining us this week are ADAM ROBERTS and BRENT MILLER, owners of SCREENLAND ARMOUR & TAPCADE! We're also joined by Colony KC's Beer Master RODNEY BEAGLE, The Beerded Man himself from Beerded Man's Kitchen JASON FRITZ and Beer Tasting Expert (I think that means he drinks a lot of beer) Executive Producer CHRIS GARIBALDI!

Other Taco Topics covered this week: VIRTUAL TACOS IN FORTNITE! WHAT SECRET INGREDIENT DOES TACO BELL SEASON THIER BEEF WITH? LOOSE MEAT BURGERS!! IS A HOT DOG A TACO?! AND WHAT WEIRD GHOSTS & DEMONS RESIDE INSIDE SCREENLAND ARMOUR?! We also play the new smash hit Question and Answer Game 'BREWERY OR BOGUS'!! Take a listen and join us in North Kansas City for some tacos n' brews! NORTH KC...it's like KC but it's NORTH!!