Episode 40: Taco Topia! ON LOCATION! (w/ Mark Henning and Chris Garibaldi)

August 15, 2018

It's a dream come true as Dave and Executive Producer Chris Garibaldi make the trek to Topeka to visit the Taco Wonderland that is TACO TOPIA 2018! They are joined by Rock Musician and Taco Lover, MARK HENNING (Zoom, The National Trust, Voice Of Action) as well as the Tater Twins and their GIGANTIC POTATO from the Idaho Potato Company!

Join Dave and the gang as they discuss Over-Sized Potatoes, Taco Inflation, Lawrence and Topeka Rock n' Roll, TOPCITY TACO TALES from Dave's Past, SPUDDY BUDDY, Evel Knievel, Hal Needham, Chicago and Idaho Tacos, and Chihuahua Beauty Pageants! We also read some BAD REVIEWS of Topeka Landmarks as well as answer the question, "What's a Frumpet?"

WELCOME TO TACO TOPIA!! Where the Tacos are flowing and the Potatoes are LARGE!!


Episode 39: Ixtapa (w/ Stella Garibaldi and Nathan Jurries)

July 31, 2018

T3 is coming to you from the Northland once again as we review one of their crown Taco Jewels...IXTAPA FINE MEXICAN CUISINE! Famous for it's authentic Mexican menu and it's breathtaking Guacamole Dip! Dave is joined by Parkville residents; Actress and Improv performer STELLA GARIBALDI and Actor/Musician/Enchilada Lover NATHAN JURRIES!

The gang discuss acting in the PBS short film 'CHARLIE 13' as well as encountering demons in dorm rooms! Other taco topics discussed: The End of Mike Moose-Tacos in KC! KATY PERRY IN A SCOTLAND TACO BELL! THE PROPER WAY TO HOLD A TACO! ENCHILADAS! Another edition of GUAC TALK! Favorite KC Day Trips! And how KC needs to step up it's (fill in the blank) Game! PLUS: Our guest's try to crack the case of Dave's BAD TACO EXPERIENCE THAT MUST GO UNMENTIONED!! We also discuss the upcoming TACO TOPIA (KANSAS TACO FESTIVAL) coming to Kansas on Aug. 11th!


Episode 38: Colony KC & Beerded Man’s Kitchen ON LOCATION! (w/ Adam Roberts, Brent Miller, Rodney Beagle, Jason Fritz, and Chris Garibaldi)

July 24, 2018

TACOS & BEERS! BEERS & TACOS! This week T3 is coming to you straight outta North Kansas City which is booming right now! We're taste testing tasty tacos from BEERDED MAN'S KITCHEN and sipping on some CINCO WHEAT, a Guacamole inspired beer from the brewmaster at COLONY KC!

Joining us this week are ADAM ROBERTS and BRENT MILLER, owners of SCREENLAND ARMOUR & TAPCADE! We're also joined by Colony KC's Beer Master RODNEY BEAGLE, The Beerded Man himself from Beerded Man's Kitchen JASON FRITZ and Beer Tasting Expert (I think that means he drinks a lot of beer) Executive Producer CHRIS GARIBALDI!

Other Taco Topics covered this week: VIRTUAL TACOS IN FORTNITE! WHAT SECRET INGREDIENT DOES TACO BELL SEASON THIER BEEF WITH? LOOSE MEAT BURGERS!! IS A HOT DOG A TACO?! AND WHAT WEIRD GHOSTS & DEMONS RESIDE INSIDE SCREENLAND ARMOUR?! We also play the new smash hit Question and Answer Game 'BREWERY OR BOGUS'!! Take a listen and join us in North Kansas City for some tacos n' brews! NORTH KC...it's like KC but it's NORTH!!


Episode 37: Westport Ale House ON LOCATION! (w/ Sarah Legg and Kinsey Cates)

July 19, 2018

NACHO THE TOWN! NACHO THE TOWN! That's right we're in Westport in this week's edition of T3 talking tacos and NACHOS!! Dave is joined by KC Nacho Expert SARAH LEGG and KC Fashion/Style Expert (from thestyleoperandi.com) KINSEY CATES (She kinda likes nachos, too).  Together we break down the best spots for nachos in KC as well as review the tasty tacos from WESTPORT ALE HOUSE!

Other Taco Topics Covered: The Return of Nacho Fries at Taco Bell, The 25th Anniversary of DEMOLITION MAN, Futuristic Taco Bell at San Diego Comic-Con, New Possible Menu Items at Chipotle, and Eating Nachos and Hoagies on the KC Street Car!

We also touch upon the Best New Restaurants in KC, KC/Westport Development, Eating Iguana Eggs, Cargo Shorts, The Death of your Favorite Breakfast Cereal Mascots and "Have you ever wanted to change your name?" We really get to the Bottom of some NACHOS and TACOS this week on T3KC!


Episode 36: Casey’s General Store TACO PIZZA!! (w/ Mike and Aaron Weatherford)

July 10, 2018

This week Taco The Town tackles a controversial taco themed food type.....like a monolith floating on the fringes of the Taco-Verse...an object that cannot easily be defined or tamed...that's right...Dave and his guests MIKE and AARON WEATHERFORD (QUESTION TIME W/ RANDY E.LEE, YETI! A Tale of The Brothers Krong, DALE'S STILL DEAD, THE LAST JAYHAWKER) take on TACO PIZZA from CASEY'S GENERAL STORE!

They attempt to make sense of Taco Pizza and they brainstorm ways to make a better Taco Pizza! Dave and his guests also discuss possible new menu items from Taco Bell and the Taco Bell AirBnB (Would you stay there?).

Other Topics Discussed: Fun KC Summertime Activities, The Best KC Pizza Places, Rubbing the Bullet Holes at Union Station and THE HISTORY OF TACO PIZZA!! When this episode is over Dave will have a new opinion of Taco Pizza...will it be YAY or NAY?!!


Episode 35: Mission Taco Joint ON LOCATION! (w/ Alana Gwinner and Keenan Stump)

July 3, 2018

Coming to you ON LOCATION from The Crossroads of KC, Dave and his special guests ALANA GWINNER from Eleven Three KC and DR. KEENAN STUMP eat and review a variety of colorful and tasty tacos from MISSION TACO JOINT! Topics discussed: bacon eating contests, celebrating the 4th of July in KC, the booming local craft brewery scene and Alana tells us what kind of beer pairs best with the kind of tacos you are eating! In the TACO TICKER, we talk human leg tacos and trademarking the use of Taco Tuesday! In TOWN OF THE TACO, we discuss THE BEST THING ABOUT KC, THE WORST THING ABOUT KC as well as our guest's favorite KC TV news personalities! Other topics touched upon: The proper way to pronounce 'PLAZA' and our guests face THE TACO GAUNTLET to prove just how much they love tacos! ALSO: DAVE introduces a new PLAY-ALONG-AT-HOME TACO THE TOWN INTERACTIVE GAME! We go 4 Skull & Crossbones deep into a Scorpion Bowl on this episode of T3!


Episode 34: La Estrella (w/ Jason Barr, Marissa Marshall, Mike Anderson and Madison Johnson)

June 29, 2018

Dave once again hits the nearby Taco Town of Lawrence, Kansas and is joined by Jason Barr and Marissa Marshall (from The A.D.D. PODCAST) as well as former Channel 6 TV host, Mike Anderson. They taste test the task tacos from LA ESTRELLA, whose Al Pastor tacos have been called "The Perfect Taco!"

We are treated to a special report from last weekend's WICHITA TACO FEST from our roving taco reporter Madison Johnson who was there to take it all in! Many tacos were eaten to bring us this information.

Other Topics touched upon this episode: summertime in Lawrence, buskers: are they really just carnies?, Those new axe-throwing places, "Things You See In KC that You Don't See Anywhere Else", things that bug you about KC, and in the Taco Ticker.

We talk about Trump and Kim Jong Un flavored tacos and crime-stopping taco tactics! Like a warm glove full of meat, this episode is chock-full of tasty bits!


Episode 33: Torreador (w/ Josh Berwanger and Brian Klein from BERWANGER)

June 19, 2018

JOSH BERWANGER and BRIAN KLEIN from the KC rock band BERWANGER stop by the T3 studios to review the classic, old school, downtown Overland Park Taco veteran, TORREADOR!

Dave and his guests discuss the latest Star Wars films, Corey Feldman, Josh and Brian's amazing toy collections and they check the latest stories in Taco News! Taco Ticker topics this week: Bogus Taco Crawls and Did you go get your Free Doritos Locos Tacos? We also ask the question: "Who is the most Famous Kansas Citian of All Time?" and "Where would you make the Street Car Go?" And "Is A Taco a Sandwich?"

We talk tacos, Star Wars, a little bit more about Tacos, then a little more Star Wars and then back to tacos. We also play a cut off the latest Berwanger album! Check out Berwanger LIVE in Concert on Thursday July 5th at THE RINO!


Episode 32: Twisted Fresh (w/ The Can City Podcast: Kyle, Josh, and Matt)

June 11, 2018

KC PODCAST CROSSOVER ALERTt!! This episode Dave sits down with the the guys from the CAN CITY PODCAST (Kyle, Josh, and Matty). They review the tasty and twisted tacos from TWISTED FRESH! Many taco topics and KC topics are touched upon such as: The Chiefs, KC Nightlife, Taco Bell Stabbings, Chalupa Chat, and ""What's the one thing you always wondered about KC?"

The gang talks about podcasting in Kansas City: How did they get started and do they have any tips? They also touch upon past experiences working in Mexican Restaurants!

Check out Part 2 of this epic pod-crossover on the CAN CITY PODCAST feed! Put on your Laughing Pants 'cuz it's a regular ole Chucklefest on this edition of T3!


Episode 31: Pepe’s Tacos ON LOCATION AT VIDWEST FILM FEST At ROSE MUSIC HALL-Columbia, Missouri (w/ Carlyn Hadusek and Catherine Armbrust)

June 6, 2018

This week T3 is coming to you ON LOCATION from the VIDWEST MUSIC VIDEO FILM FESTIVAL in Columbia, Missouri! Dave reviews PEPE'S TACOS at The Rose Music Hall w/ Columbia residents and Taco fans Carlyn Hadusek and Catherine Armbrust!

They talk about the taco scene in Columbia (Is it a good taco town or not?) and we get into the plethora of Food Trucks cruising the streets and parking lots of CoMo! (One might even be shaped like a biscuit?)

This episode we tackle the hard hitting questions: "Would you ever sleep on a pillow made of cheese?", "What is the best way to organize a free taco promotion?", "What's up with that weird ugly Tiger statue everyone gets their picture taken with?", "Would you get your prom pictures taken at a Taco Bell?" and "Is Chicago a Burrito town, an Enchilada town or a Popcorn town?" ALSO: Friend of the show Actor MICHAEL McMILLIAN ("Crazy Ex-Girlfriend") joins us again for another installment of MICHAEL TAKES ON TACO BELL!

T3 would like to thank VidWest and The Rose Music Hall for their hospitality!